Our Vision..... “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” Helen Keller Our Mission...... Our mission is founded on Christian beliefs and values to serve our local communities and wider community through providing the best possible education in the West Tyne Federation. Our schools are committed to the personal development of all involved and aim to provide life- long learning. We aim to provide extended facilities in our four schools in order to support each child on their learning journey.
Our West Tyne Federation consists of governors from each school community.
Judith Reay - Headteacher 

Penny Kennedy - Chair of Governors

Pippa Milburn - Vice Chair of Governors

Erica Carter

Judith Meek (Acting Head Teacher)

Gillian Teasdale

Elisa de Santis

Alan Sharp

Rev Mark Nash Williams

Rev Neil Wilson

Nicola Scott

Olivia Hill

Pam Robbie

Elaine Edgar

Jona Aal