What we have been doing...



In handwriting I have been learning haw to form letters properly and I got a trophy for neat hand writing. My favourite letter is p because p is the start of my favourite animal and my favourite animal is a panda. My teacher puts charts in my topic book and one says neat presentation and I got a smiley face.

I will continue to use neat handwriting in my work.

By Maisie B


In science I’m leaning about materials with Mrs Fairless.  Common materials are materials that you see everyday. Fabric is a material you feel every day.  Rock is a natural material and glass is man-made.

By Nathaniel

Pablo Picasso

In topic we are learning about a famous artist called Pablo Picasso. We have been copying some of his drawings of circuses. Pablo Picasso draws people with detail. Some pictures have colour like the rose period and some pictures don’t like the blue period.  I like the rose period the most.

The role play area

In our class there is a circus role play area. The children can dress up as a ringmaster and clowns.  For a ringmaster there is a black and white hat and for the clown there are bow ties .There is a tent with juggling balls.  There are red clown noses. There are 2 magic wands.

By Fraser


I have been learning takeaways by counting on. It is very fun indeed .I have been counting back as well.  When I started in Mrs Fairless class I was doing year 3s maths.  It was harder.  We have been doing number bonds to 100.  It is easy.  I love it. When I first started it was easy but it got harder.

By Angus